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Smart Manufacturing Infrastructure

Shining a new light on Industry 4.0

PSPL creates smart industrial lighting networks that enable a cost-efficient switch to Industry 4.0 smart wireless connectivity

Turning a challenge into an opportunity, we help process industry use the coming worldwide fluorescent lighting ban to transition into Smart Manufacturing Infrastucture via the secure, reliable wireless data network that our LED fixtures use. This will enable cost-effective monitoring, industrial production optimization, and improved predictive maintenance. Also, it makes industrial lighting sustainable and reduces energy consumption.

Collaboration between Sitech Services, PSPL and CGI

Today, no single vendor can deliver all the capabilities needed to implement Industry 4.0 solutions effectively, as these are based on multiple technologies and devices that run on different networks. The critical success factor is close collaboration between relevant business partners, IT and OT.

Working together with Sitech Services on the Smart Manufacturing Infrastructure, PSPL provides professional and sustainable lighting solutions, with a strong base in the industry and a first industrial-scale smart lighting implementation at Chemelot. CGI is providing Smart Manufacturing Infrastructure Services and is one of the world’s largest IT and business services companies at the forefront of digitization in a number of industries. As an experienced system and service integrator, CGI seamlessly and securely connects Operational and Information Technology (OT / IT). Innovation, service integration and connecting parties within ecosystems is part of CGI’s nature.

About Smart Manufacturing Infrastructure

Smart Manufacturing Infrastructure consists of two elements: network / field equipment, located in the manufacturing area and services / platform side IT environment, which is privately hosted or operated in a secure (private) cloud environment. 

Smart wireless radios in the factory are integrated into LED lighting fixtures. Mains and battery-powered sensors, trackers, actuators, and each combination of these functions, is referred to as ‘field equipment’. This is connected to the infrastructure ‘plug and play’. LED lighting fixtures integrate traditional ‘access points’ as well as low and high capacity ‘gateways’. These ‘gateways’ can be added at any moment to increase network data capacity, should large numbers of sensors or trackers need to be added to the infrastructure. At least one million devices can be connected to each mesh network. 

The platform side connects to data management and data intelligence applications and dashboards, such as Sitech’s Asset Health Center, via managed API connections. These applications offer web-based, user-friendly products and automation for predictive maintenance. These increase asset performance and reduce asset energy consumption and greenhouse gas. Applications supporting improved site safety incident reduction are also supported. Human-asset interaction is reduced, contributing to solving resource availability issues in the near future.

Media Presentations

The video below shows an impression of the implementation of Smart Manufaction Infrastructure at Chemelot through our partner Sitech.
The video below shows a case study of our lighting solution implemented at Chemelot.

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