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Direct OPEX savings are realized through typically more than 80% energy savings combined with a virtually maintenance free product and smart replacement of existing lighting. more

The PSPL solution provides an excellent opportunity for cost savings, while enhancing safety and sustainability of your operations. You may typically cut over 80% of your energy bill for lighting and virtually eliminate your related maintenance costs. The smart and wireless controllable TPPL fixtures enable you to set and control desired light levels without installing expensive wired control systems. The PSPL solution therefore requires a relative low investment to gain all the benefits, since you can easily replace the existing light fixtures 1-on-1, without changing or extending the wired electrical and control infrastructure of your facilities.


Outsourcing every aspect of your lighting enables you to focus on your core business. more

Lighting is basically not one of your first priorities, and should therefore certainly be not one of your (main) concerns. The PSPL ‘Light-as-a-Service’ total solution provides you the opportunity to completely outsource your lighting ‘hazzles’, while gaining all cost, safety and sustainability benefits and increased control over your lighting. The functioning of your lighting system is off-site, remotely monitored and when needed on-site services are provided.


Dramatic reduction of energy consumption, material waste and CO2 footprint through industry-topping quality, durability and recyclability. more

The energy consumption compared with traditional fluorescent lighting is reduced by typically more than 80%, which contributes to further lowering your carbon footprint. The smart TPPL LED fixtures are designed for extreme long durability (over 20 years), which dramatically reduces the material waste because of relative short life time of traditional fluorescent lighting (typically 1 to 3 years). Moreover, the TPPL fixtures are mercury free and recyclable.


Drastic reduction of safety risks due to intrinsic safe product design, maintenance free operation and comfortable and effective workspace lighting. more

The safety risks in your facilities related to lighting are drastically reduced for three main reasons. First of all, because of the extreme long durability of the TPPL fixtures (over 20 years) the replacement frequency that is linked to traditional fluorescent lighting (typically every 1 to 3 years) is cut drastically. So virtually maintenance free operation basically eliminates all safety risks associated with replacement activities (e.g. working on heights) Secondly, the product has an intrinsic safe design, which makes it safe when applied in explosion risk areas, even when the cover is broken. And last but certainly not least, the TPPL fixtures have very high quality of lighting, approaching daylight circumstances, which is very comfortable and safe to work in.


Control over every aspect of your lighting through smart connectivity, functional grouping and customized control strategies. more

The PSPL solution consists of ultra-intelligent TPPL fixtures, highly reliable and secure local wireless network (blue-tooth mesh) and smart IoT platform for monitoring and control. In principle each lamp can be individually controlled. As user you may fully define any functional light groupings that meet your local demands and requirements (e.g. light group per floor or specific room or area, emergency/escape route lighting groups, etc etc). For each defined functional group of fixtures you may choose a desired control strategy, for example twilight-control, specific dimming schedule, etc.   Moreover, various override possibilities are provided (e.g. manual locally, alarm settings etc).


Innovative solution that makes your CSR commitments highly visible by reducing light pollution, increasing sustainability and improving light quality for employees and contractors. more

The PSPL solution enables you to have full control over your lighting, including minimizing light pollution within and to the environment of your facilities. By doing so you can actually quite visibly demonstrate that as a company you take your social responsibility serious. Furthermore, with the PSPL solution you choose for a highly sustainable solution (see under ‘sustainable’).  At the same time you greatly improve the safety and atmosphere of the work environment for your employees and contractors, because of the high, daylight approaching quality of light.

How it works


  • The smart TPPL fixtures are connected through a local and secure wireless (bluetooth mesh) network, with each other in a group and via secure gateways or WNI’s (wireless network interfaces) to the local control room and remote off-site service center.
  • The lamps can be functionally grouped to support user setting and control requirements for a specific area.
  • Status information of individual lamps, (group) control signals as well as firmware updates are all distributed from or respectively to the entire facility lighting system.
  • Routine control settings (e.g. twilight-control, specific dimming schedule etc) can at all times be manually overridden from the control room or automatically in case of an alarm situation.
  • At the off-site service center the functioning of the lighting system is continuously monitored and updated. From here, also periodic performance reports are issued and on-site (replacement) services are provided when needed.

Total Cost of Ownership

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) refers to all costs related to lighting of your facilities. Energy costs mainly depend on local electricity costs (Europe typically between 5 and 15 €ct/kWh), the burning hours and possibilities of user demand control and the overall system efficacy (lumen/watt) of existing light fixtures. Maintenance costs comprise all costs related to (ATEX) inspection and replacement, including lamp/fixture costs, man-hours for replacement, required scaffolding etc etc.  Important factors that influence this are lifetime (i.e. failure rate) of existing lights, which determines frequency of replacement, the positioning (esp. height) of fixtures and of course local labor rates.

Based on a quick scan we can present you an overall business case for your facilities and specific situation for both own investment and operational lease (light-as-a-service) scenarios, allowing you to assess the attractiveness of the PSPL solution(s).

In practice: Chemelot TPPL Project

In 2016 an operational lease contract was signed with Sitech, the technical service organization of five major global industrial players at the Chemelot site in Geleen, The Netherlands. The PSPL industrial light-as-a-service solution is currently implemented for approximately 15.000 lighting points. Geert Schreurs, Site manager Arlanxeo: “With the TPPL project you show that you want to build the future!”

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PSPL and her partners are offering the new standard for industrial lighting in hazardous environments. Our industrial Light-as-a-Service solution offers you immediate cost savings, optimized energy performance and increased safety.
It smoothly migrates your entire lighting system into a sustainable future.